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A lightweight tool for communication analyzer designed to make a good job of debugging only two communication ports at once. The program gives you the opportunity to work with a straightforward protocol analyzer that offers support for ascii and hexadecimal display features. The utility displays both an ascii and hex view for the data on the selected port. You can save, filter and share your data over the network.
WinHexCom 2022 Crack Key Features:
Easy to use.
Port configuration settings.
Reasonable interface.
User-friendly tool with intuitive options.
Designed for Windows 8, 8.1, 10.
Minimum Hardware Requirements:
CPU: 2 GHz Dual Core
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
USB Serial RS232 or RS485/422 adapters.

Simple but reliable protocol analyzer.
Data Logger captures and transmits data at regular intervals over a LAN or the Internet.
Simplicity of design allows for a very user-friendly interface.
Everything you need for debugging RS232 communication ports.
Operation with RS422 is supported but you must use a RS485/422/485 compatible adapter.

Windows Advanced Serial Port Debugger (WSAD) allows you to view and work with multiple serial ports, transmit and receive data, read and write signals and display the received data using ASCII and binary display. You can configure your serial port, read and write signals, configure baud rates, parity, stop bits, character sizes, and even work with light-weight protocols like RS232, RS422, RS485, HART, LonWorks, Modbus, etc. It features built-in tools for bit manipulation, hex and ascii displays, and a command line.
WSAD supports all the most common PC serial communication adapters and includes a troubleshooting section for a specific serial port.
Data Logger captures and transmits data at regular intervals over a LAN or the Internet.
The software comes with an intuitive user interface and features a clean design that allows you to work with a number of serial ports at once. The application shows you each port’s configuration settings and you can also send data to and receive data from them.

We hope you will enjoy using ProtoView. With it, you can view your data as a digital signal and identify the bit frequencies, parity, stop bits, and send and receive data.
This means that you get to see the real-time data

WinHexCom Crack

Take a complete control over individual features and parameters of target’s service.
Use MACRO settings in order to send simulated messages, set up communication with remote devices and establish a pair of communication ports. Save your settings to a registry key, as well as generate reports.
100% compatible with Unicode technology.
All the presented command line switch parameters are effective for two ports only. To debug a pair of ports, run WinHexCom Download With Full Crack multiple times with appropriate command line switches.
Use TCP/IP stack to debug internet service.
When working with connected devices, it is highly recommended to set up a TCP/IP stack on your PC to ensure correct parameters.
PRO Features:
100% multithreaded. Therefore, the program may work more efficiently on multi-core systems.
Runs on Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98SE and 95.
Runs on a wide range of platforms.
There is no set-up required to run WinHexCom.
There is no set-up required to use WinHexCom.
1.1 Installer
2.1 Manual
3. Licensing Information
4. Supported Protocols List
5. User Manual
5.1 Main Menu
5.1.1 Tool Settings
5.1.2 Communication Settings
5.1.3 Display Settings
5.1.4 Protocol Settings
5.1.5 Protocol List
5.1.6 Network Settings
5.2 List of Communication Ports
5.3 Help
5.4 Export Settings to Registry
5.5 Exit
5.6 Options
5.7 What’s New
5.8 The program’s size
5.9 About the author
6. Microsoft Windows 10
7. General Comments
8. User Manual
9. Licensing Information
10. General
11. General
12. User Manual
13. General
14. User Manual
15. 1. Communication Settings
16. 1.1 Modems
17. 1.2 LAN
18. 1.3 IP Telephony
19. 1.4 Other
20. 2. Protocol Settings
21. 3. Port Settings
22. 3.1 Hardware Ports
23. 3.2 Software Ports
24. 4. Help
25. 5. Export Settings to Registry


What’s New in the?

WinHexCom is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you work with a straightforward protocol analyzer that offers support for ASCII and hexadecimal display features.
The tool gives you the possibility to debug only two communication ports but you can run multiple instances of the program in order to debug four or more ports. It requires at least one standard PC serial communication adapter for RS232, RS422 or RS485. USB Serial RS232 adapters are also supported.
The advantages of being portable
WinHexCom comes in a lightweight and portable package which can be deployed on your system by simply running the EXE file. If you want to get rid of the app from your system, you may quickly delete the items that you have downloaded.
Good news is that the utility doesn’t leave any configuration data in your system and add registry entries, so you can run it without administrative privileges. Plus, you may store it on any USB flash drive or other devices and take it with you.
User interface
WinHexCom reveals a clean interface which integrates a well-organized set of features. Although there’s no support for a help manual, the program’s features are intuitive if you are an advanced user. Rookies may need to invest some extra time and effort in order to understand the function of each parameter.
Port configuration settings
The application gives you the possibility to set up two communication ports. You may pick the port type and alter the speed, data and stop bits, parity, as well as flow.
What’s more, you can switch between hexadecimal, ASCII, ANSI and HDLC display mode, select the protocol for the file transfer, log files, work with a checksum calculator, pick the frame type, as well as send messages.
Bottom line
All things considered, WinHexCom comes with a decent feature pack for helping you debug a protocol and view data in different modes using straightforward options.

Windows 10 operating system is a world-class Operating System, which is based on the Windows NT kernel. Its releases are much more frequent than Windows 7 and 8, and it also has a market share of about 86.9% as of December 2015.
The Windows 10 features include:
Windows Runtime
Windows 10 integrates some of the features from Windows Runtime. These features are for the application development as well as performance in the apps, especially for the apps that run on low-end devices. Some of the features include the cross-platform application development, native apps, and universal Windows Platform.
The basic idea behind the universal Windows Platform is that Windows 10 will provide the core features for the mobile apps and desktop apps. The mobile apps, however, will have additional features to support for the mobile platform. This makes it easier to develop and deploy apps with features from Windows 10.
One app

System Requirements For WinHexCom:

Windows 7
Windows 8
Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 2.93GHz (24.3-GHz QPI)

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