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Project management solution that enables you to organize your tasks easily.

It provides a lot of useful functions that will help you manage your tasks in an efficient way.

It also offers you a handy dashboard that displays all the project information you need right in one spot.

GANTT3 is a very light application that can be downloaded for free.

GANTT3 Key Features:

• Inexpensive

• Can function on a variety of systems

• Very easy to install and run

• Enables you to create a project.

• Makes it easier to manage assignments and tasks

• Provides a handy way to monitor everything in one spot.

• Makes it possible to generate progress reports from your data.

• Can be used to produce a Gantt chart that shows the tasks you have set out for.

• Shows the status of your assignments at all times.

• Makes it possible for you to create a resource graph that shows the connection of your tasks.

• Streamlines your projects by helping you to manage your assignments.

• Makes it possible to view your project’s progress.

• Enables you to create, edit and save project reports.

• Can be used as a visual Gantt chart.

• Can be used to view and make project status reports.

• Can be used as a resource graph.

• Is suitable for any system that runs on.NET Framework.

• Provides you with a simple, friendly interface.

• Can be used to view and make project reports.

• Has several handy features that will help you manage your projects easily.

GANTT3 System Requirements:

• One of the following operating systems: Windows 7, 8 or 10.

•.NET Framework 4.5 must be installed.

• Internet connection.

• About 22 MB of free space.

• 2 GB or more of RAM.

• A sound card.

• A video card.

• A network connection is needed.

GANTT3 Full System Requirements:

•.NET Framework 4.5 must be installed.

• Internet connection.

• About 22 MB of free space.

• 2 GB or more of RAM.

• A sound card.

• A video card.

• A network connection is

GANTT3 Crack + [April-2022]

Create complex project management worksheets to track the status of your tasks.
Set up to 100 projects. Graphically display your projects and tasks in a visual way.
Find out how long your tasks will take and how many days your project will take to complete.
Record any expenses or estimates for your tasks.
Access the information you need quickly and analyze it with bar charts and other visualizations.
Additional Features:
No technical experience is needed.
A free trial version is available.

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#1 WinPlanner

Description: WinPlanner is a project management software that enables you to create, view, navigate, and edit your project plans without making any special setup. It was designed with the purpose of integrating everything about your project at your fingertips. This application is very customizable, so you can customize it as per your project needs. You can find project management software from renowned companies such as Microsoft and Mitel.

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#2 ProjectoPlan

Description: ProjectoPlan is project management software that is easy to use yet comprehensive in nature, and it is developed by the CM Firmhausen GmbH.

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#3 Xtrack

Description: Xtrack is a project management software that can be easily used and is designed to make it easy for you to organize, plan, assign, create, and track all of your project plans and activities.


GANTT3 is a versatile project management software for Windows. It enables you to create, edit and view Gantt charts based on bar, dot, line or parallel lines. For many years it has been a top-notch project management tool, which can be easily used by any business and freelancer. It is a highly customizable software that has many features, and the product itself is also a great solution for project managers.
Key features of GANTT3

I build a project plan

GANTT3 enables you to create and edit a project plan. This feature makes it easier for you to organize your assignments, display the status of your tasks and track down the progress.

Solid Gantt chart

You can use GANTT3 to create, view and export a bar, dot, line, curve or parallel Gantt chart. The software is highly configurable, which allows for customization of the charts.


You can export the data collected by the application into Microsoft Excel, text or HTML files.

One-time setup

Installing the program is straightforward. There is no need for any special knowledge to use it. Simply launch the setup and follow the instructions presented to you.

Powerful technical support

GANTT3 comes with a 24/7 technical support service, which gives you access to the staff that will help you with any issue that might come up.

No activation

You don’t need to create an account to use GANTT3. It is a free software that can be installed on up to 5 PCs.

GANTT3 download page

Visit the site and download GANTT3 to your computer.

How to download GANTT3

Click below button to download GANTT3. Once downloaded, run setup.exe and follow the prompts to complete the installation. This tool installs.NET Framework. You may need to run Windows Update or restart your computer to download the latest version.

GANTT3 free download Windows

GANTT3 free download Mac

GANTT3 free download iPhone

GANTT3 free download iPad

How to install GANTT3

Follow the steps below to install this tool on your computer.

1. Launch setup.exe to start the installation
2. Wait until the installation is done.

GANTT3 free download Windows

What’s New in the GANTT3?

GANTT3 is a highly customizable and intuitive project management software which will help you organize, monitor and display various project details such as time, costs, resources and so on.
This tool makes it possible for users to view and organize their projects in a simple way by creating and editing project columns and folders.
It also allows users to save their projects in a custom archive format which is highly compatible with other project management software applications. Moreover, it allows to customize a variety of the Gantt chart colors and shapes to reflect the user’s unique needs.
This application is highly customizable and can be easily accessed through a minimalist interface which contains several useful widgets such as the project date chart, calendar, tasks, or the project map.
It also allows project managers to create and save a project description in a simple and easy-to-use manner which makes it easier to locate the project files within a custom archive file.
Gantt3’s great feature is its Visual Task List editor which enables you to create, edit, and delete individual tasks from a list format which greatly simplifies the work of project managers.
This application also offers you an intuitive dashboard which displays all relevant information associated with your project.
This software is highly compatible with project managers based on MS Project.
Gantt3 is available for free download on the web.

Working with Gantt chart and chart
Using Gantt chart

You can create a Gantt chart with many charts such as Gantt chart, Resource graph, Cost graph, Workflow graph and more using this tool.
Resource graph
When you are managing a construction project, you will want to determine a logical sequence of resources needed to carry out the project.
For that, you can use the Resource graph of this software.
You can save all the resources in one project and view them in a graphically organized interface.
To display your graph on your project file, simply locate the Resource graph from the Timeline section of the Gantt chart.
This graph shows you the start date and the corresponding estimated time of each resource.
It can be modified by changing the corresponding parameter and can be easily exported in a number of different formats.
Gantt chart
You can construct a Gantt chart and customize the look of it as you want using this software.
To create a Gantt chart, simply click Gantt chart button and you can create one by giving the Gantt chart shape

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