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RetroUI Cleanup Utility (LifeTime) Activation Code [Mac/Win] [Updated]

It is a free, small utility that enables you to easily delete or remove all traces of RetroUI from your computer.

RetroUI Cleanup Utility Specifications:
Window Title: RetroUI Cleanup Utility
Version: 1.2
Format: Utility Software
File Size: 2.4 MB
Last Update: 2009-09-12
License: Freeware
System Requirements: Windows 98/Windows ME/Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista
RetroUI Cleanup Utility Features:
1.The tool will assist you to easily delete or remove all traces of RetroUI from your computer.
2.Keep your personal RetroUI settings.
3.Remove the borders from the main menu and buttons, and add a background to your menu and buttons.
4.A simple help file is provided.
RetroUI Cleanup Utility Compatibility:
RetroUI Cleanup Utility will remove all traces left by RetroUI to your computer.
It will add a background to all the menus, buttons, toolbars, and the icons on your desktop, within the Windows desktop environment.
It keeps the settings of the RetroUI that you have installed on your computer.
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RetroUI Cleanup Utility Full Version Free PC/Windows

— Removes all traces of RetroUI from your system.
— The tool is safe and reliable.
— The software helps users to remove, repair and prevent most of the problems caused by RetroUI.
— The application is meant to be used as a companion to you RetroUI as it enables you to keep all your RetroUI settings and preferences.

— Quick and easy to operate.
— Unlimited removal of RetroUI.
— Remember settings of RetroUI.
— Takes very small amount of space.
— Very easy to update the database.
— Clean process can be interrupted.
— Remembers the settings made by RetroUI.

Network requirements:
— Internet connection

System Requirements:
— Windows XP/Vista/7/8
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RetroUI Cleanup Utility Crack

RetroUI Cleanup Utility is a tiny application that comes in handy to all those who want to make sure all traces left by RetroUI are removed from their computer.
RetroUI Cleanup Utility enables users to keep their personal RetroUI settings provided they are planning to install the application at a later time.
RetroUI Cleanup Utility Features:
+ Removes all traces of RetroUI from Windows, Desktops, and applications.
+ Allows you to completely change the desktop theme.
+ Enables users to keep the options they set in the RetroUI Control Panel if they are planning to install the application at a later time.
+ Enables users to keep their preferences when using the RetroUI settings window.
+ Removes Metro UI and replaces the Windows GUI with the Windows 7 one.
Once you install RetroUI, RetroUI Cleanup Utility will not work properly unless you uninstall it.
RetroUI Cleanup Utility uses the RetroUI Control Panel.
What’s new in RetroUI Cleanup Utility:
v1.1 (2013-10-10)
+ Improved UI
Main Menu:
— Fixed: Starting Cleanup Utility could crash the application.
— Fixed: Design of the main menu as shown in the screenshots was not correct.
— Fixed: The cleaning operation of the application was not correct.
— Fixed: The process name for Cleanup Utility was not shown as RetroUI Cleanup Utility on the process list.
— Fixed: The number of items in the Delete button was not showing in the main menu.
— Fixed: When the options «Clean Windows, Desktops, Apps, and Registry» were selected, an error would occur.
— Fixed: The cleaning operation was not complete when the action was cancelled.
— Fixed: Clicking on the Back button in the installer could crash the application.
— Fixed: While cleaning the registry, the mouse cursor was not visible.
— Fixed: While cleaning the applications, the Windows Task Bar would not be visible.

RetroUI Cleanup Utility is a tiny application that comes in handy to all those who want to make sure all traces left by RetroUI are removed from their computer.
In addition, RetroUI Cleanup Utility enables users to keep their personal RetroUI settings provided they are planning to install the application

What’s New in the RetroUI Cleanup Utility?

RetroUI Cleanup Utility is a freeware application developed to help you remove all traces of RetroUI from your computer.
With the help of RetroUI Cleanup Utility, you can easily customize your RetroUI’s appearance, like color, fonts, sounds and create a wide variety of themes for your application.
RetroUI Cleanup Utility provides a simple, quick and easy way to remove and upgrade your retro look and feel of your Windows.
What’s New in RetroUI Cleanup Utility 5.22.0:
— Fixed program crashes on some systems.
— Fixed an issue in program’s exit dialog.
— A better process timeout detection.
— Started to directly delete the user folder icon cache on some computers.
— Improved Preferences dialog.




Windows 7 5.22.0


By Swami

Great App for me. I have always been a fan of Windows XP and how easy it is to customize. This program works perfectly for me.

New Feature in 5.21.1


By CanDoBetter

I am very please with this new feature. It really makes upgrading from 5.21.0 to 5.21.1 easy and clean. It works very well. I would suggest additional comments in the Readme so that the user understands how to use it correctly to get the desired results.

Great utility but needs a fix


By halfbrick

Easy to use and to clean up. The problem is that the startup folder is not open. You have to find where the startup folder is hidden and double click on it. After you double click it, there is no way of quitting from the program. There needs to be a way to quit the program in the tray. Maybe a FIX???

Needs a fix


By Modern OS

Initially it worked great but suddenly the start up folder doesn’t open and neither does the process manager. On top of that, it removed my old themes without asking. As a result it is a little bit hard to find the old themes to delete but in the end, I had to go through my old themes and delete it manually. And it did not offer an easy way to upgrade from 5.21.0 to 5.21.1.

Completely useless


By goodwin2

System Requirements For RetroUI Cleanup Utility:

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